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Key To Steel 2010 Free Download cleolie




It will show you how to decode steel designations such as ASTM, SAE, EN, DIN and JIS standards. If you have any question about finding steel that does not exist in the US, our experienced team of steel experts will be happy to assist you and tell you about steel products around the world. Just contact us by phone at 1-800-748-8845 or by e-mail at [email protected]. Key to Steel The Key to Steel (Stahschlussel) Lancia Automobiles, the Italian maker of Fiat cars, commissioned a number of small-scale, permanent-magnet type synchronous motors in the early 1970s to supplement an existing conventional induction motor. These direct-current (DC) motors were used in low-speed driving systems such as power steering, windows, hood, and radiator fans. This extensive DC motor product line was later integrated into the Fiat automobile as its standard electric motor. At first, these motors used the magnetic stator and rotor construction common to other DC motors. However, from about 1976, a new motor configuration was used which differed from typical prior designs. By 1977, all of the Fiat synchronous motors were being manufactured with this new approach. The new design offered more control over the starting torque of the motor, better cooling, and an increased operating temperature range of the magnetic materials. The engineering and design of the new motors was managed by the Metal Gear Engineering Company (MEGE), the engine control group (ECG) at Fiat, and the Fiat Synchronous Motor Department (FSSMD). Some of the features of the new design were that the active magnetic material was embedded in the body of the motor and that the motor stator was directly connected to the flywheel of the Fiat engine. The technology of the stator and rotor design is described here and the manufacturing technology is described elsewhere in this encyclopedia.The new design was not a direct replacement for other DC motors. It was instead an alternative product line for Fiat, much like the product line of AC motors was for the company's compression-ignition engines. For Fiat, this motor construction had both advantages and disadvantages. The technology was developed in cooperation with Fiat during the company's early application of permanent magnet motors. The motors were not commercially available until about 1979. The main advantages of the new design were (1) better cooling of the magnetic material, (2) a reduction in the amount of steel needed, and




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Key To Steel 2010 Free Download cleolie

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